Monday, December 22, 2014

PART 4 - Choosing Air Transportation on Kodiak for Sitka Blacktail Hunt

Once I decided that the fly-in option was for us I began researching all of the float plane companies on Kodiak. There are a number of reputable companies all with great reviews. I contacted all of the companies and had lengthy conversations with each of them getting to know them personally as well as getting a feel for their business.  

My questions included things like: 

  • How long have you been in business? 
  • Do you have references I could contact?  
  • Where are some of the locations you drop hunters off regularly?  
  • What are your fees and weight limits?

I was able to get a ton of great information from them as well as get a feel for their personalities and how they run their operation. Most of them have similar rates and weights limits, however, if your group is going to have more than two hunters, there are only a few companies with large enough planes for 3-4 hunters plus equipment loads. 

View from our transport Kingfisher Aviation


The further you get away from the town of Kodiak the higher the cost of the float plane. Prices vary year to year and ranged from $500 to $2,000 round trip. The prices are a flat rate for the plane ride not per person so the best way to save cost is to have a buddy or two to split it with.

Rules & References

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has strict guidelines about the roles of Hunting Guides and Transporters and transporters are not permitted to provide hunters with information about hunting locations.  They can provide you with information about areas that have been popular for hunter drop-offs in the past and they will often put you in contact with hunters who they have provided service to in the past.  I took advantage of the offer for some personal references which turned out to be one of my best resources.  I based my decision for a transport provider on the personal conversations’ I had with them as well as the information their references provided.

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