Thursday, November 12, 2015

Gear Review- Alpen Teton 10X50 Binocular Review

After purchasing the Alpen Super Compact spotting scope I decided to look into what other products the ALPEN company had to offer. After much debate and research I acquired a new pair of 10x50 Teton binoculars. The 2015 season was a dream to put these optics to the test. I had open season mule deer hunts, Africa Safaris, and numerous deer and pigs hunts in CA. Having used many economical pairs of optics in the past I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with the Tetons!!!
I usually go with a 10x42 base model for optics but decided to take the plunge and go with the 10x50 since I wanted to see what added visibility in low light conditions they might offer. When testing them side by side with my Vortex 10x42, the 10x50’s really stood out when it came to counting antler points at dawn and dusk.
The Specs
I always focus on four things when looking at the specs on binos. Weight, magnification, clarity and Warranty. These four things can are my decision makers when I am opening my wallet to for a pair of glass.
Specifications for the Alpen Teton 10X50:
Magnification: 10X
Objective Lens: 50mm
FOV: 262ft @ 1000 yrds
Weight: 28oz

The 10x50’s are a bit on the heavy side coming in at 28 ounces (1.75 lbs). This weight is added due to the larger objective lens. Compared to most 10x42’s (22-24 ounce) this really isn’t a major jump. They fit perfect in my bono harness so the added weight isn’t a factor.

So this all depends and comes down to what your hunting conditions are. I chose my magnification based on what is the most versatile. I want a binocular powerful enough to see detail at distance, however I want a good wide field of view (FOV) so I can see more when hunting thicker areas like the coast for blacktail deer. This narrowed it down for me to a 10X binocular. Powerful enough for open country Mule Deer yet a decent FOV for those close quarters areas. So again this is all personal preference and what you like to hunt.

Wow, now this is subjective. So the only way to do this is to look through the binos, a lot of binos, not just in the store but take them out to the parking lot and really look through them (make sure the sales associate knows you’re doing this). Also look through the expensive stuff! I cannot afford a $2500 pair of binos but you bet I’ve looked through plenty of them. It is a good way to get a baseline for clarity and sharpness.   I don’t like to admit this but I have even bought a pair of binoculars to give them a test. If I didn’t like them, they got returned. I am not advocating this but it is really the only way to check the clarity. Also you can read at past reviews. If the bino have an established name and you see them around a lot of hunters necks then they probably are a decent brand. Go out and test drive them, you won’t be sorry.
The Alpen Tetons were in my price range and were by far the best glass I looked through when comparing to others in that same category. They were very sharp and crystal clear when viewing objects at distance (1000+ yards) and even clearer when picking out details at 150 yards. During a pig hunt earlier in the year I spotted a nice large pig at about 200 yards. I didn’t really want to take a pig unless it had nice tusk. When I put my binoculars up, I could immediately see the vivid white tusk protruding from the hogs jaws and my decision was made.

This is a big selling point for those of us that may be hard on our gear. Will it last? Will the company back it up? Alpen has it right. The back there product with a full “No Blame….No Fault…No Problem” Warranty. They have full confidence in the durability of their product and back it up with this warranty.
There it is folks, the vast majority of us cannot afford the big boxes however that shouldn’t preclude you from getting a great pair of optics. Alpen has achieved this and will continue to be around my neck for the next hunt season. Let me know if you have any questions. Or feel free to contact Alpen directly as I did. When I called them, I was in touch with a person who helped me though the whole process and answered my questions. They can even point you to dealers so you can go try them out.

10329 Dorset Street
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

909-978-8370 or 877-987-8370


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