After every hunt or outdoor adventure what do we do? We text our buddies photos, send out emails to all our family and friends and post to forums and social media for all our facebooker’s and twitterer’s. We also share our adventures with family and friends face-to-face…..But there is one thing that I started as a young boy that has stayed with me through the years and that is keeping an accurate journal. Three years ago I fell for an individual who also shared my passion for the outdoors and was raised doing so. I shared these journal entries and have started a whole new one for the adventures we share together.

I have been fortunate enough to go on numerous hunts. I have been the shooter, and pack mule but more importantly I have also been the student. All of us know we learn a tremendous amount from first hand experiences.  I have shared these experiences in all the ways I mentioned about however they have mostly all been with my close friends, buddies and family members.  For the last few years my wife and I have had some amazing adventures and have been inundated with request to share these with the general public and after much thought we decided to do so.

The hunting environment has changed. From what used to be a male dominated past-time for men only, one now is surrounded by a whole market of outdoors woman. Woman’s hunting shows, hunting clothing, custom bows and rifles. It’s a whole new industry of hunting. Contrary to some “old” beliefs, it is now acceptable to bring your wife to deer camp, heck it’s even okay to bail on your hunting buddies to take your wife out hunting. Now I am not saying that is how hunting is always portrayed but that was how the majority of it use to come across.

Emily and I have been together for a little over 4 years and were married in 2013. We have been on numerous hunts together ranging from deer and pig hunts in our home state of California, Elk hunts in Colorado, whitetails in Idaho and soon to come Sitka Blacktails in Kodiak Alaska.  The outdoors has tested our relationship and made it stronger with every outing. We plan together, work together, and most importantly smile together when we are out on an adventure. Both of us live off of wild game and I mean that seriously. 95% of our diet consists of the bounty that we chase. We love the outdoors together and we love knowing where our food comes from.

Emily “Jennning” Ryan was brought up in an outdoors family who lived off what the land and ocean could offer. Hunting and fishing was not a novelty but an activity that brought her family together. Emily received her Hunters Safety at an early age and jumped into hunting with her dad during her college years. She is an avid Waterfowl and Upland game hunter as well as Big game. She currently has taken a dozen big game animals with rifle and bow and loves to cook wild game. One of her goals (shared with Dan) is to take all 5 of the small Deer species while hunting with Dan.
Dan Ryan first started hunting with his father at age 5 and ever since he has been addicted. He loves just being in the outdoors. Success is second; however, it usually comes when the number of days in the field reaches well over 100 on an annual basis. Dan passed his hunter safety at the age of 8, bird hunted and was finally able to tackle big game at the age of 12 taking his first deer. Since then he has taken over 35 big game animals with rifle, archery and muzzle loading equipment. He shares the same goal of taking all the deer species with his wife by his side.


  1. I have read your post. Thank's for sharing. I have never been hunting before. My uncle invited me to go deer hunting during the next deer season. I think that I am going to go. It will be a fun experience.

    1. Glad you enjoy it! Hunting isn't all about taking an animal but being out when the world wakes up and enjoying this country we live in! Good luck next year with your uncle, Let us know how you do.


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