Wednesday, September 16, 2020

2019 A Year with our New Boy!

Well 2019 was a whirlwind, Wes John Ryan came into the world and its been one adventure after another. He went on his fist hunt at just a month old and helped his folks chase wild pigs and blacktail in California's A zone and some fishing on the coast.
From there we went to Idaho to help out on A friends Shiras Moose hunt. It was beautiful place and it was our 4th tag we've filled in that area.
Late October took us to Colorado for a mule deer hunt. We hit the weather perfect and were able to connect on four 170" mule deer!
Finally november rolled around and we went to Nevada where we chase mule deer with a muzzleloader tag that Emily drew. We didn't have a ton of time but were able to connect with a nice 3x3.
We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful son that can hang with his folks on their adventures!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Nevada Muzzleloader Mule Deer Hunt

Well the 2018 General season was primarily over however December brought a coveted tag for myself that I had been waiting 10 years to draw. The weather was perfect, cold....well freezing! and a fresh blanket of snow which made the mule deer stand out on the vast open mountains.

The tag dates for this hunt run in December. The deer are primarily focused on feeding and resting after a strenuous migration and rut. The deer I decided to target were in a range that they reside in year round. This range is extremely steep and peaks out at 8,300 feet with limited vegetation.

During scouting I was able to turn up two bucks that i wanted. One was a nice 160-170 inch main fraim 4x4 and the other was a super wide heavy old buck. I am not a trophy hunter but I knew I wanted a older age class deer.

The muzzleloader I was using was a Remington Model 700 with williamson sights. I was shooting a 250 grain bullet and was consistently hitting a gallon milk jug at 200 yards.

Opening day found myself and my fields looking for the typical 4x4. The icy fog rolled in and we had zero viability for about 5 hours. We decided to stick it out and started a small warming fire with some mountain mahogany. Once the clouds cleared we started to spot bucks. We saw over 20 bucks and over 100 deer, however no big mature bucks. We headed back to camp and readied ourselves for the next day. The next day we decided to look at some new country and found numerous bucks including one nice 4x4 however I just wants ready to pull the trigger. I wanted to see if we could find the heavy old buck.

That evening we decided to glassed a basin where we had seen him a few weeks earlier. After about 2 hours he emerged with 4 other bucks. We put him to bed and made our plan for the next morning.

Day 3 took us to the same glassing point from the evening before. We found all of the bucks he was with but he was no where to be found. While two of my friends stayed back glassing myself, Emily and good friend John went up the mountain to see if we could find him from the top. After a good mile into the hike we started spotting deer. Numerous bucks but the wide old buck was missing. We went a few more ridges and found a group of 25 deer and there we was right in the middle of them. I took off to a rock pinnacle and got set up. The buck was exactly 200 yards. I steadied the sights and let smoke fly. The shot was back in the liver causing the buck to hunch up and go down. After a finishing shot, I made my way down to him.

He was an incredible animal, nearly 200lbs, white face with a scarred roman nose and sported a heavy 32 5/8 inch outside spread. He was an old warrior and I couldn't have asked for a better buck. He would probably barely score 140 but still a true one of a kind trophy.

It took us about 3 hours to cut him up and make the brutal 3 mile hike back to the truck. Even though it was only 3 miles its was straight up and covered in a wet layer of slick snow.

Back at camp we celebrated and shared the story. It seems like a common theme on my hunts but I truley have a great network of friend that love the outdoors and are willing to take time off to help me out. I am a lucky man!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

2018 General Season Fun!!!

Well its that time of year that the big game season is starting to wind down and we start to transition to upland birds and waterfowl. Our season officially started in April with Turkeys and Wild Pigs and we have been at it ever since chasing Blacktail deer, Pronghorn and Mule deer.

The Spring found us out in the green landscapes chasing wild turkeys and boar. We hunted public land as well as some private and were able to connect on numerous birds and a nice 175lb boar.  The highlight was taking a good friend and his grandson out for the grandsons first hunting experience. My self and friend were able to connect to two toms the first day and a tom and jake the second. It was an amazing weekend and you could see the passion in the grandsons eyes by the end of the trip.
Grandfather and Grandson packing out the public land birds!

 Emily and I with a public land Double!

Emily and Scott (Brother) With a nice rainy day Tom.

My Spring Boar.

May through July we spent traveling as well as getting in some fishing. We were able to land plenty of Salmon, Kokanee, Trout and Mackinaw.
Nice California Mack

Some fat Kokanee

Keeper King Salmon

Scott with a nice King

Emily with a nice King
August put us in the mountains of Mendocino County chasing Blacktails and pigs in A and B zones. A zone was very productive, putting a few pigs on the ground as well as a nice 16 inch fork for Emily. The other highlight was watching a father son on their first hunt together take a giant pig! What a Hunt!

JP and Wyatt with their Giant Boar!

Happy Hunter

Emily getting ready for the shot.

Emily's buck

The B zone trip was epic with some close encounters with bear, pigs and nice bucks. JP and myself were able to connect on a five day adventure taking some great deer with our bows. My Buck expired down in a steep draw and the entire group came in and helped me pack him out. Its times like these where I feel the most lucky to have these kinds of people to share this passion with.

JP's Buck

My buck

The pack out crew

September took us half way across the country to the middle of Wyoming for Pronghorn. Its was a wonderful group hunt with both of our dad getting to join us. All of us got great pronghorn plus a few bonus does. Pronghorn meat is one of our favorites and this trip filled the freezer.

Emily's Doe

Johns (Emily's Dad) Doe

Emily's wide 75" buck

Johns Heavy buck

My Dada using the home-made game pole

My pop with his 80" buck!

JP's Buck

My Old buck before the shot

My 75" buck

October took us to Idaho for Moose! A good friend of mine drew a moose tag in the same unit I had drawn in 2016. It was a great hunting helping out a good friend. We spotted 14 different bulls and were able to connect on a giant 43 inch bull.

Small Bull bedded in the sage.

The giant emerges!
All Smiles!

Before the shot

October also meant Mule Deer season! My dad had drawn a tag in Nevada in a unit we had never hunted. We only had 4 days so we tried to make the most of it. On Day two I was able to find a nice 24" 5x4 and my dad made the shot at 323 yards. He was all smiles.
My pops buck before the shot.

Nice 3x3

Helping pack out

His 8 bonus points were well worth it!

That is it for now, next up will be more bird hunts as well as a December Mule deer hunt in Nevada!

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