Monday, December 22, 2014

PART 8 - Camp Setup During Your Alaska Sitka Blacktail Hunt

Camp Setup

Camp set-ups vary by location and individual. If you get a public use cabin then you are pretty set. If you decide to rough it like most early season hunters then you will most likely be setting up camp from scratch.  

Buying some cheap folding chairs made dinners very comfortable.


Its essential to set up a structure and/or tarps to protect your camp from winds. We were able to find an existing structure built by past hunters to set up our camp in. We tied up all of our tarps and made a nice protected place we could call home. 

Take Your Time

Nearby we set up a game pole that we could hang meat from to dry prior to processing. The biggest mistake you can make is to set up camp too fast. I, just like most hunters, wanted to set up fast so I could get out and hunt however by taking our time, we were able to make camp really nice and not forget any details. An organized camp is much easier to handle especially when a storm hits fast.

Building a game pole away from camp was a good idea.

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