Monday, December 22, 2014

PART 5 - Selecting a Drop Camp Location for Your Alaska Sitka Blacktail Hunt

So the almighty question is, “Where do I go?” 

Kodiak has an endless number of drop-off locations, each providing a unique experience. The northern part of the island is very heavily forested in the lower elevations leading up to alpine in the higher elevations. The further south you go on the island, the more open it gets. I did countless hours of research both online and talking with wildlife biologists (references I was put in contact with through the float plane companies). 

All of this research helped me to narrow down our camp locations to a few places on the island. I had it narrowed down to a recreation cabin on the northern end of the island, a few high alpine lakes in the central part of the island and a few lower elevation lakes and lagoons on the southern end of the island. Each of these locations offer different habitats types and transportation costs.

The recreation cabins and the locations in the interior of the island had great transportation fares and offered some decent hunting but, because of their close proximity to the town of Kodiak these areas tend to get hunted more and can be much thicker vegetation. The southern location that I eventually chose was expensive to reach, but it offered the open terrain, low pressure hunting, and high deer numbers I was looking for.
Our camp setup at the southern end of Kodiak island.

There are wonderful hunting opportunities all over the island of Kodiak, so regardless of your budget and the type of hunt you want to experience you are sure to have an awesome time. 

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