Tuesday, February 13, 2018

2018 Hunting Application Dates

It’s that time of year to start spending money on frivolous things like applications, licenses and stamps...Oh wait that is what a Credit Card is for right?!

So this isn't a complete list but these are the states I track and put in for. They are tentative dates but will give you a good idea of when to mark your calendar. So now is the time to start researching! If you have questions about state processes or units just send me a message and Ill give you as much information as I have. There are also plenty of sites with draw odd and strategies like: www.gohunt.com, www.toprut.com, www.monstermuleys.com, and www.epicoutdoors.com

Out-of-state hunting can be expensive but well worth it! Good Luck everyone and remember there is always a chance that you could draw a tag of a lifetime...someone has to!!! 

Application Deadlines

Feb 13- AZ Elk and Pronghorn

Feb 28- WY- Moose, Sheep, Goat.

March 1- Utah- All species

March 15- Montana- Elk, Deer

April 3- Colorado- All Species

April 16- Nevada- All Species

April 30- Idaho- Sheep, Moose, Goat

May 1- Montana- Sheep, Moose, Goat

May 15- Oregon, All Species

May 23- Washington, All Species

May 31- WY- Deer/Prong

June 2- CA- All Species

June 5- Idaho- Elk, Deer, Prong

June 12- Arizona- Deer, Sheep

June 25- Nevada 2nd Draw

After July 16- WY Leftover


Bonus Points only

March 15- Utah

Sept 30- Montana

Nov 30- Oregon

October 31- WY


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