Friday, July 10, 2015

Pre-Season Fishing trip

I live for hunting season to begin which makes the months of June and July drag on. I am constantly looking for way to distract myself. Emily's folks live over on the "Lost Coast" of California near Shelter Cove. It is a beautiful place and the ocean is full of tasty treats to curb my appetite for hunting. This year was phenomenal and we were able to bring home a heavy ice chest. We caught 70 crabs, dozens of Rockfish and Lingcod and finished it off with 4 chrome King Salmon. My Mom and Dad were able to join as well as one of my sisters Marilyse. My Mom, a lover of ocean fishing brought in many lings and rockfish as well as her biggest Salmon to date. What a fight it was and outstanding experience to be able to share with her!

We live off of game meat throughout the year and to be able to have supplements like this "Ocean Game Meat" makes it complete. We love to smoke salmon and have fish fries. Cant thank John and Susie's Jennings (Emily's Parents) enough for making another year to their place a memorable one. Enjoy the pics as well as a video below.

1 comment:

  1. this years fishing event seemed like quite something I have been a member of a fishing club but I normally get pre occupied with work and school stuff but I will make time to attend your next fishing expedition dan


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