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  1. Hey Guys,
    I have a burden to get rid of. In your "Topics" under "muzzleloader" under "final tag of the 2015 season" i figured out where your hunt was. I've known about it for about 4 years. I put it in with my other bucket lists of places to scout or hunt but it probably won't happen as i'm still four years away on points and i've got other places to hunt. My burden is, I recently told a person about the spot. Maybe you don't care or maybe you do but I felt obligated to tell you and to let you know to delete the third to last picture that shows the shore line of the lake if you want to. And I hope you can forgive me if your pissed, I was trying to help a friend but i still feel bad as I usually never talk about spots.
    PS Glad to see you guys are liven life and sharing it in the outdoors.


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